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Cameron, Julia:

Gore, Al & Inconvenient Truth:

Green Businesses:,,,

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Hawken, Paul:

Levinson. Jay Conrad:

Lovins, Amory & Abundance by Design:

Millman, Dan, and the way of the Peaceful Warrior:

The Right Livelihood Awards:

Robbins, John and Earth Save:

Sher, Barbara:,

Sinetar, Marsha:

Turner, Fred: From Counterculture to Cyberculture:


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Spring 2001 Issue: Working for life
“Resources for Right Livelihood” By Kari McGinnis

The New Careers Center: Resources for Career Direction provides a variety of career development resources, including The Whole Work Catalog. Their web page includes links to different categories of careers; assistance in career planning and development; resume writing, job hunting and interviewing; colleges and alternatives; as well as a variety of videos.

The New Road Map Foundation promotes financial integrity and financial independence as a route to health and social revitalization. Their best-selling book, Your Money or Your Life, coauthored by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, provides a step-by-step guide to getting your household finances in line with your values; many have used it to discover how to free themselves of dependence on a paycheck.

Success Teams is an approach to setting and achieving goals promoted by Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft and Teamworks, and the subject of the public broadcasting production Creating Your Second Life After 40. Success teams are small groups of friends and associates who help each other achieve their goals.

In Business: Creating Sustainable Enterprises and Communities, a bi-monthly magazine featuring innovations businesses around the US and the world.

The Simple Living Network is a website that provides tools and examples for those who are serious about learning to live a more conscious, simple and restorative lifestyle.

Volunteer Match will match your interests with volunteer opportunities near to you.

websites Reflecting the mainstreaming of the corporate responsibility movement, Business Ethics Magazine has merged into The CRO--a magazine and membership organization for Corporate Responsibility Officers. The newswire for Corporate Social Responsibility including: Environmental; Corporate ethics; Fairness toward employees; Accountability to local communities. Responsible products and service and a healthy rate of return.

Is there a calling for me? The Mystical path of the Heart: WNC: Programs: Sacred Circles: Intensives

Silicone Valley True Work Circle:

True Work: Doing What you Love and Loving what you Do: Justine and Michael Toms:


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